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The Online Gaming Network is a partnership of leading internet gaming and marketing experts. With decades of combined experience and dozens of games under their belt, the OGN team is uniquely positioned to provide top-quality games with unique features and engaging game play. In addition, OGN is supported by a large community of in-game, volunteer staff. The passion and dedication of these individuals helps make each OGN game a satisfying and successful experience.

Tom Starkie
Founder / CEO / Development Director

Tom has been an avid programmer over the gaming market for several years and has delved into some huge projects in the past. With such a wide array of solid experience within all aspects of mega multiplayer games, Tom has created some of the largest and most highly rated online gaming communities people are found playing today.

Contact : tom@onlinegamingnetwork.net
Scott Brew
Founder / CEO / Marketing Director

Scott has been an avid online gamer for 10 years. As a successful internet entrepreneur, he brings business strategy, marketing, finance and customer relations skills to OGN. Scott is also President/CEO of Adtegrity.com, a Top 10 online advertising network.

Contact : scott@onlinegamingnetwork.net
Brett Lawson
Lead Developer / Infrastructure Management

Brett has been working with computers since his early childhood. After working on various miscellaneous projects, he found his way to us and works bringing our ideas to life.

Contact :
Harry Boyes

Eddie Jensen
Graphic Design / Concept Art

Maja Majetic
Graphic Design / Concept Art
Nate McGee
Community Manager
Layla Greer
Community Manager
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