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Dark Warriors

Dark-Warriors is a free medieval based role playing game which is all playable directly in your browser and requires no downloads.

Dark-Warriors began in early 2004 and was rolled into the OGN portfolio in November, 2007. Since re-launching in December of 2007, the site has grown to over 500,000 accounts across three servers and has rocketed up the Alexa charts. Currently the flagship of the OGN portfolio, Dark Warriors is clearly the most feature-rich, engaging, and addictive game of its kind on the internet. The strong community which has developed around the game are testimony to the power of entertaining online media.

Slot Factory

Slot Factory is one of the largest online casino platforms available on Facebook. Boasting over 60 slot games available to play. We have a huge selection of graphical slot games with lots of different themes, free spins and bonus games. All new players will start out with $5,000 in free coins to play all of the games and everyone also gets hourly free credits and special jackpot wheel spins every 30 minutes.

We also have a shop where you can spend your diamonds which you earn as you spin. These can be spent on more credit, upgrades and special bonus boost bars to intensify your play. We also have an iPad 3 up for grabs every single month!


Tap, slide and combine your way to success in the brand new hit game NomNom! Dive straight in to the cooking pot with 10 themed restaurants and over 80 levels to fulfill your appetite!

Download the full game for free on iPhone and Android or head over to Facebook to play the game directly through your browser and join millions of other hunger smashing players!

OMG! Slots

OMG! Slots is a brand new casino game that can be accessed directly through Facebook. We have a great selection of graphical slot games with lots of different themes and bonus games. All new players will start out with $1,000 in free coins to play all of the games and everyone also earns rubies as they play that can be converted to more coins.

We have a selection of great themed titles such as Farmyard Fortune, the 50 Shades Of Play slot and many more. Come and join the social experience and meet other slot enthusiasts in the live chat and spin experience!


Drift is a full throttle card strategy game, built around a race theme. Pit your wits against other players as you strive to create your perfect deck. Battle your way through the mechanical forces that stand in your way and capture the greatest cars around.

With over 50 levels, 30 cards and countless cars to choose from, your Drift journey will be the best challenge you have ever encountered. Create the best deck, own the best cards, defeat everyone! Race For Glory!

Jurassic Jungle

Jurassic Jungle is a great, fast paced online strategy game, with no downloads or credit card required.

Jurassic Jungle is a Massively Multi player Online Role Playing game where YOU are in control of your destiny. The unique world of Jurassic Jungle is ever-changing Rise to the top of your foes with PVP.

Defend your Excavation from raiders, devote your career to a life of strength and power, or join in the ranks of the few that balance the economy of the universe YOU decide.


Starwake is a feature rich Space Combat MMO.

Starwake features 5 distinct races, each with their own unique combat abilities. Game play is always changing with the addition of new alliances. Outfit your ship with weapons, armor, shields, and upgrades. In Starwake you can strive to become the most powerful fighter, or rule the market. The choice is yours..

Toast War

Toastwar is one of our newer strategy games, but already boasting a player base over 40,000 its no piece of toast cake.

While still in pre-launch mode, TowastWar is already creating a buzz in the gaming world with its promise to allow players to assume the role of personalized characters in a uniquely entertaining and amusing digital world.

Far from any ordinary game you would find on the internet today, ToastWar offers something quite different. Every day we make decisions which affect the way we live, and how others live. ToastWar mimics the everyday world and allows you to live the life of your dreams - online, as a piece of toast!

SuperStar RPG

Ready to experience life as a Super Star? SuperstarRPG puts you right into the action of being a musician / performer / record label trying to gain higher record sales and ultimatly being the most talented person around!

SuperstarRPG is not a simulator but a game filled with competition, challenges and goals. You can grow yourself into a great musician or record company owner.

The choice is yours!


Another hot summer day working at the family farm where you are barely able to put food on the table. You stare off into the distance and realize that there is more to life then just your farm.

Packing your bags you head out into the world of Wardor where fame, fortune and glory could be yours. You have no idea what lies in store for you but you know it will be quite an adventure..

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